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Who are the Lou Gotti Boyz?
The Lou Gotti Boyz are DJ Cuddy (Cuddy Montana) and DJ Sir Thurl (Thurl Gotti), the hottest DJ duo out of St. Louis. With over 20 years of combined radio experience, they host #1 rated “Lou Gotti Boyz Radio” mixshow on Friday & Saturday Nights on WHHL Hot 104.1 FM.

Which do you prefer to do; radio, mixtapes, or clubs?
A combination of it all. Radio allows you to be heard across the masses, clubs give you freedom to really get down in front of a crowd and mixtapes help get new music out there and also allows us to expand our brand. Trifecta.

Is there ever a time you get to play StLouis artists?
St. Louis music is mixed in our Club sets and on our radio shows. DJ Cuddy hosts the”New At Nine” M-Th on Hot 104.1 FM. DJ Sir Thurl hosts the “STL Playlist” on Sundays at 9pm.

You just recently dropped a mixtape called “Never Silent: Remembering Mike Brown.” Can you tell us about it?
When Michael Brown was killed, and Ferguson happened, the artists in the city felt a need to express themselves through their art. Some of the records were so good, we felt like it needed to be a project to recognize the movement. We gathered some of the hottest joints and released them on the one year anniversary of Michael Brown’s death. We feel like these records express a voice for all movements against police brutality in our country, no matter where you live. We are proud of all the artists out here trying to take a stand.

You guys had a single called “Twerkaholic” right? Are you guys working on an album?
Let’s just say we are not done, by far….

What are your social networks?
@DJSirThurl @DJCuddy314 @LouGottiBoyz







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