Rib Shack Owner Brings Awareness to Organ Donation #Heart4Malcolm

Rib Shack Owner Malcolm Robbins



Malcolm Robbins, owner of Rib Shack restaurants in St. Louis has a heartfelt video to bring awareness to organ donation. He is in need of a heart transplant in his mid 40s. This story hits home because more and more people in our community are dealing with issues like this. Malcolm gets very real on what he is dealing with and the path that got him to where he is today.


Malcolm and his wife, Jacqueline Robbins, are always in the community lending a helping hand, wether its sponsoring community activities or actually feeding those in need. If you ever come in contact with either one of them, you are always greeted with a smile and open arms. Definitely pillars in our community.


Malcolm is courageous and a leader for sharing his story in order to bring light to a problem that is growing with african american men today. This video not only helps Malcolm, it also raises awareness to how we can take steps in order to help out in the near future.  Watch and share the video on social media to help spread the word using the hashtag #Heart4Malcolm


Also feel free to donate to the cause #Heart4Malcolm


For More Info and to find out about other Fundraising Events go to Heart4Malcolm.com

@Heart4Malcom on Instagram

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